Sherwood School Breaks 95,000

100217 pm 006.JPG

Today, O'Neill Sea Odyssey hit another mini-milestone en route to serving 100,000 students. Ms. Bailey's 26-fourth graders from Sherwood School helped OSO surpass the mark to reach an astounding 95,008 students served to-date. Conditions were ideal for the nearly entire group of first-time ocean-goers participating from the Salinas City Elementary School District. The three learning groups, named after local marine mammals, observed all but one of their group species while sailing on Monterey Bay.

Captain Tim O'Neill and instructors Colin, Joey, and Adam were pleased to share the O'Neill Sea Odyssey program with such an enthusiastic class. We're grateful for their participation in the science and mathematics curriculum and hope the new knowledge and experience will inspire this next generation of Ocean Stewards to take action for their ocean backyard. (Photos courtesy of Tobin Zunes-Wolfe.)

Do you remember your first experience on the water? These students may very well remember this for the rest of their lives. It's also an experience many of their peers may never get. Thanks to your support, OSO and YOU make it possible.