Jack O'Neill Tribute Tees


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------ LIMITED EDITION ------

T R I B U T E  T E E S

A collection of limited edition tees have been introduced by the O'Neill brand to honor the legend that was Jack O'Neill. Each tee highlights a decade in Jack’s adventurous history, starting with the 1940’s. Jack was a surfer, ocean lover, boating enthusiast, wetsuit pioneer, balloonist, and founder of the iconic worldwide surf company O’Neill. He recently passed away of natural causes at the age of 94 in Santa Cruz, CA, and was honored with what people are calling the largest worldwide paddle out in history, with thousands in attendance. A portion of the proceeds from these tees will be donated to O’Neill Sea Odyssey.


1940’s Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:

In 1942, when World War II broke out, Jack volunteered for the Navy Air Corps, igniting a lifelong passion for flight.  This shirt is inspired by his experience, and the 220-horsepower Wacos Jack flew during that time.  After the war, Jack and his friends went on to create an aerial advertising business.

1950’s Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:

When Jack first invented the wetsuit, each suit was custom-fit to the customer and made to order.  This tee shows an early fitting chart with all the key measurements, along with Jack’s original Surf Shop logo.

1960’s Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:


Bob Cooper, a respected surfer from Malibu, worked at the O’Neill Surf Shop in Santa Cruz and appeared in the “Cold Cure” ad in Surfer magazine.  The ad featured on this tee helped put O’Neill on the map, and the brand would soon become known for their creative advertising.

1970’s Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:

The SuperSuit was a drysuit that could be blown up to be an airtight survival suit, used mostly in the diving industry, including the US Navy.  Jack got the idea from his days ballooning, when he’d often get stranded in middle of the ocean.  This tee features one of the original ads for the SuperSuit.

1980’s Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:

The front of this tee features the popular “The Chill Killer” wetsuit logo, which launched in the 80’s and was shown in ads featuring the legendary surfer, Martin Potter.  The back of this tee features the “circle surfer” O’Neill brand logo, which has made a comeback over the years.

1990’s Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:

The “Animal” wetsuit launched in the 90’s was said by Jack to be “surfing’s biggest breakthrough since I invented the surfsuit.”  It represented 38 years of hardcore research and development in search of the ultimate high performance wetsuit.  This tee features the logo that was on the chest of the wetsuit.

Retrospective Jack O’Neill Tribute Tee:

This tee is a retrospective of Jack’s expansive career and life, which he lived to the fullest.  A waterman and inventor at heart, we thank Jack for all he’s contributed to help each of us surf longer.  As Jack once said, “The three most important things in life.  Surf, surf, surf.”

Thank you, Jack, for everything!

And thank you, O'Neill brand, for your continued support.

Adam Steckley