Stewardship Through Community Service


"OSO and their high-interest curriculum enables us to connect our King City kids, who live an hour upstream of Monterey Bay, to the issues surrounding watershed stewardship and conservation. When we see students at age 10 or 11 connecting their behavior in King City to the health and sustainability of our Ocean ecosystem, it’s a wonderful feeling...and the OSO experience helps us make this very real for them."

- Bret Harrison


Earlier this month, Bret Harrison’s 5th grade science class, from King City Arts Magnet, participated in the O'Neill Sea Odyssey program and as part of their required community service project they worked with the City to custom-make and install permanent storm drain warning emblems to remind citizens that runoff eventually drains to the Pacific Ocean. Aside from achieving their annual service goals, Mr. Harrison also worked with his students to develop conservation practices in the classroom.  In a recent project, they collected, disassembled and re-purposed materials to create art...sculptures in this case.



Alanis & Amber with Jack

Two of Mr. Harrison's students were motivated to create a life-sized sculpture of Jack O'Neill out of re-purposed materials.



We are grateful to these two O’Neill Sea Odyssey Ocean Stewards who chose to honor our founding father, and no doubt Jack O’Neill is equally honored and flattered. Thanks also, to Mr. Harrison for helping to instill the practice of conservation and stewardship in today's youth.

Your program is wonderful and by far the best off-site connection we made this year!
— Bret Harrison
Adam Steckley