The Ocean Means "Life"


Since the start of our campaign in celebration of OSO's 100,000th student milestone (to be reached in 2018), we have engaged with numerous supporters - donors, teachers, students, and community members - and posed the question, "What does the ocean mean to you?" This simple yet profound statement has provided an opportunity to better understand our human connection to the vast wilderness of our blue planet. Through it all, we’ve enjoyed hearing the answers and witnessing the emotion and excitement the ocean conjures up.

For many children, the response tends to represent the playful joy of a day at the beach while for adults and parents alike, the thoughtful answers take on a slightly more serious tone, though not before reminiscing about some of those same childhood experiences. Time and time again, however, the response is "Life." The ocean means life to us all.

All living things are dependent on the ocean as a life support system.

  • More than half of the oxygen we breathe, that is, every second breath, comes from the ocean and along with plants and soil, sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • The ocean is a major source of food globally and the foundation for the world’s fresh water supply.

  • A major portion of the global economy is dependent on the ocean for commerce, transportation, recreation and tourism, among others.

  • The ocean plays a leading role in the Earth’s climate and weather patterns.

  • And some even recognize it as a source of happiness when experiencing time in, on, or near the ocean.

As of today, O'Neill Sea Odyssey has provided 96,868 students with a vital educational program to foster awareness of the ocean, environmental stewardship, and personal responsibility. This is achieved by delivering an interactive curriculum that emphasizes the connection between land and sea through a multidisciplinary approach including ecology, biology, and mathematics. As we continue our campaign over the next several months, please join us to celebrate the ocean, life, and our next generation of Ocean Stewards.

Do you have a connection to the ocean? Tell us, what does the ocean mean to you? Please share on Facebook or Instagram using #oso100k.

I love the ocean so much, I wish I had gills!
— Market Participant