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New Leaf

Giving Back to the Community

We're proud to announce that New Leaf is supporting our Ocean Stewards through their Envirotoken program. In honor of this, we’ve asked them to share their thoughts about their unique connection to OSO and the community. Here’s what they had to say…

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do, which is why at New Leaf Community Markets, we give back 10% of our after-tax profits to local community programs that are aligned with our mission to nourish and sustain our community.

We focus these efforts in key areas that align with our mission:  environmental stewardship, hunger relief and K-12 education. Through our giving programs, we support direct donations, sponsorships, Envirotoken program, school e-cards, senior discount days, and "Lend a Hand," which encourages and honors New Leaf team members' volunteer work in their community.

New Leaf pioneered the Envirotoken program in 1993 to encourage recycling and protect the environment. It was the first program of its kind on the Central Coast. Every six months, employees at each of the New Leaf stores cast their votes to nominate a new group of nonprofit recipients. Since the program was launched, New Leaf has donated over $690,000 to local groups working to support the environment.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey is currently one of six recipients of New Leaf Community Markets' Envirotoken program at the Pacific Avenue New Leaf store. The OSO program will receive monthly donations from New Leaf from January through June 2018. Every time customers reuse a bag at the Pacific Avenue store, they receive a token worth 10 cents they can direct to OSO or one of the other five Envirotoken beneficiaries.

Prior to being selected as a 2018 Envirotoken beneficiary, O’Neill Sea Odyssey received over $3,000 in Envirotoken donations from New Leaf stores in Capitola and Downtown Santa Cruz from July through December 2017. In addition, New Leaf donated $2,000 to O’Neill Sea Odyssey’s 100,000th Student Campaign in January 2018.

Pacific Avenue New Leaf. "One stop shop with character."

Thank you, New Leaf, for your outstanding support of our Ocean Stewards. Thank you also, New Leaf patrons, for your Envirotokens. O'Neill Sea Odyssey appreciates your contributions.