Sights and Smiles for OSO's Ocean Stewards


Life in Monterey Bay is everywhere you look. It's visible beneath the surface (of course), on the surface, and often flying (or breaching) above. For OSO's Ocean Stewards, it's very likely their first experience observing and learning about marine life up close. Their exuberant smiles say it all but more importantly, that first impression has a lasting impact. One with the power to shape and change behaviors.

Do you remember your first experience on Monterey Bay? How did you feel while witnessing migrating whales, sea otters grooming, or sea lions thermoregulating? Like our Ocean Stewards, you too, may have gained a better understanding of ocean life and recognized the personal responsibility we all have to protect it. And don't forget that smile!

Photos courtesy of Jasper Lyons, Cindy Tucey, Nikki Brooks, Steve Lawson, and Adam Steckley