Feeding Humpback


Motor-sailing slowly just off the west side of the Santa Cruz Wharf yesterday afternoon, our 30 students from The Spot Camp took notice of the schooling bait fish in the water beneath the catamaran. Aside from a few sea lions near the wharf pilings though, the surface waters above this school were relatively quiet. It was just a matter of time apparently, before the lunge-feeding spectacle began.

At Point Santa Cruz (Steamer Lane) earlier today, intrepid kayaker, Steve Lawson, encountered a humpback whale just off the wharf. He paddled along and captured these images as the whale swam in toward Cowell Beach and back out again.

"There are several boats anchored off the west side of the wharf but this didn't phase the whale as it fed among them. At one point it cruised all the way around the wharf from midway on the west side to midway on the east side. Unfortunately, then I had to leave. I missed a great shot when the whale surfaced nose to nose with my boat. But considering the whale was about 3 feet off my bow, I thought it was better to back paddle."

Thank you, Steve, for always sharing your Monterey Bay adventures with us. We're pleased to witness these magnificent creatures through your lens.

Adam Steckley