OSO Stewards March for the Ocean

Sunrise Middle 0042.jpg

Today, Sunrise Middle School students presented O'Neill Sea Odyssey instructors Julia, Nikki and Kaila with their collaborative "Ocean Pollution" information boards produced as part of their OSO Community Service Project. Sunrise Middle School sixth graders are responsible for cleaning up the Lower Silver Creek near their school in San Jose in the fall and again in the spring. Through this volunteer effort, and in preparation for their OSO field trip, they learn how the waste that goes into neighborhood creeks ultimately can make its way to the ocean and harm fish and other marine life.


In addition, the sixth graders read World Without Fish and are also raising money for ocean causes.


Thank you, Sunrise Middle School students, for spreading the word about plastic pollution. Your message and efforts have a big impact in our community and beyond. You are truly Ocean Stewards!


Adam Steckley