Applied Survey Research 2016

Student Environmental Awareness

The O'Neill Sea Odyssey Student Survey showed that there were substantial changes in students’ environmental knowledge and behavior after participating in the program. Before participating in the OSO program, an average of 73% of students agreed with the survey questions (indicating that they knew a lot about the ocean and storm drains and behaved in environmentally responsible ways), which increased to 95% after attending the program.

The Student Survey results were also analyzed to see whether economic background had any effect on students’ survey responses. Student groups were divided into three income levels (lower, middle, and higher) and all three income groups’ survey responses were analyzed.

There was a difference between the low/middle income groups and higher income groups in the amount of change that occurred between pre- and post-program surveys. Before the program began, a smaller percentage of students from lower and middle income groups agreed with the survey questions overall (73% and 71%, respectively), compared to students from higher income groups (80%). However, after participating in the program, students from low and middle income groups demonstrated a slightly greater amount of change between pre- and post-program surveys (net change of roughly 23%) than students from higher income groups (net change of 15%).


Students’ Environmental Awareness, Pre- and Post-Program, by Income Level

O'Neill Sea Odyssey 2015-2016 ASR Results