perspectives from our campaign team

Dan Haifley, Executive Director

Dan Haifley

Executive Director

"It's not just the number of students, which is astonishing, but also the number of individual, deep experiences each child has with the ocean, most for the first time. Imagine a first encounter with plankton, for example."


Laura Walker

Education Coordinator

"Sharing our program with 100,000 students is an amazing milestone for such a small organization. I feel privileged to be part of the OSO team and proud that we have stayed true to our mission to serve students that may never have another opportunity to learn about the ocean environment first hand."

Laura Walker, Education Coordinator
Adam Steckley, Operations Coordinator

Adam Steckley

Operations coordinator

"Every day you hope to make an impact, no matter how great, to create positive change in the world. Through Sea Odyssey's 100,000 students, I know we've accomplished just that."


Olivia Chun-Duncan

Media content developer - intern

"I am passionate about communications because I believe it is crucial to creating a smarter and more empathetic society. Environmental communications is particularly important to me because we must not only raise more awareness on issues, but also arouse action."

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Jasper Lyons

Media Content developer - Intern

"As a surfer and biology student at UCSC, I value the ocean and know the importance of sharing that passion. The prospect of working in and around the ocean and capturing students' experiences is exciting. I am honored to help further Sea Odyssey's dedication to marine education."


Sophie Holin

Media Content developer - intern

"Raising a new generation of environmentally conscious people is key to solving the global crises that exist today. O'Neill Sea Odyssey is doing just that by taking youth out onto the waters of Monterey Bay and teaching them about the marine wildlife that thrive there. Through on-line media, I strive to demonstrate the value of OSO to the community in an effort to gain broader awareness and support."

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Tobin Zunes-Wolfe

media content developer - intern

"I have always had a passion for nature and wildlife, and with our continually growing human presence around the globe, the need for conservation of these ecosystems has become increasingly essential. O'Neill Sea Odyssey understands the importance of teaching youth to protect our oceans, and I'm excited to be a part of the team."